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Two screens from Maghreb (or elsewhere ?)

اثنين من المشجعين

We show you two hand fans -or rather screens- that 
many years ago, rightly or wrongly, their vendor thought linked with North Africa.

They come as a pair, both being identically decorated  except regarding the photographies.  One of them has lost the leather finish of its handle. The total height is 46 cm ;  the height of the "sheet"  is 33 cm.

These screens seem made of straw (?) around a  bamboo frame using a common technique in the Far East. On it are applied in a manner almost identical to the two objects, using a thread of  linen or cotton (?) different leather geometric elements (triangle, diamond), shaped flowers, scimitars, or Islamic crescent. These leather components, of various colors, are themselves adorned by large round brass flakes.

In addition, two mirrors have been sewn. They have circular gilt metal frames forming circles and crescents.

jeune garçon

Finally, and it is obviously important as it is the only noticeable difference between the two screens, photographs (on photographic paper) are applied, with a border like silvered "chenille" with  large silver metal flower-shaped spangles, alternating with the brass disks reported above.


Element that we think interesting, the edges of the mirrors are labeled in French "déposé" (patented). This confirms a link with the area of influence of France when  those fans were made.


You now know as much as we ...   and the images speak for themselves.

So we come to the questions we ask ...  and therefore we are asking:

- Where 
were these screens / fans made ?

- When?

- Who are the people represented, whom may have a public character?

- Whom were these fans for : local people (male or female) ?  Or a European woman settled in a colonized or "protected"
, or a tourist ? 

Thank you, as usual, for giving us your advices, if possible backed by documents. I shall not fail to publish the answers which could be useful, in my "fan webmaster" opinion.

And another picture : the reverse of one of these screens


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