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Fan Questions - 4 Vals, or Wales?

 This fan, obviously, has nothing to do with Mr Manuel Vals, Price Minister of the French Republic since March 31st 2014


This fan is very ordinary : it's obviously circa 1850, made of pierced and gilded horn, with a lithographed and painted paper sheet, printed with a casual scenery of noble people in a park. It "does'nt worth a penny" (or a cent ) , especially if you notice that a stick is missing . The mending seems old (end of XIXth century?), and that is what interests us : why do people have mended such a casual fan? May-be we can get an answer on the back?

The back is lithographed/painted with this typical church, surelay a roman one, with a wooden porch, and a surprising pillar light (or calvary?) in front of it.
You can see a printer # below (B.V. 1365) and, on the left edge of the leaf, some hand has written (in a faded ink) :
"Vals 45" (Or "55"?)

Vals les Bains is a pleasant thermal small town in south of France. It has a famous church, which doesn't resemble this one (as far as we know)... and another, destroyed end of last century, on the location of an older building.
Do we follow the good way ?
(There are others "Vals" in Switzerland, Italy and  in Austria)

And, more than all, an english "fan person" (L.T.-K.) tell us that she reads : "Wales". And we must confess that the pillar looks like some "market pillars" we have seen in Great-Britain...

May somebody help us ?


Please give us your advice !

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